Practical Use

You have WAV file?
musebook wav2midi converts it into MIDI file

  1. Just Drag & Drop one or more WAV files on MuseBook Wav2Midi.
  2. Apply desirable MIDI INSTRUMENT and EFFECTS.
  3. Press CONVERT/PAUSE button.
  4. Files are saved in designated folder automatically.
    musebook wav2midi sequentially converts and produces the optimized MIDI files from the original Wave files.

Greater Realism
  1. Nothing's going to change but voice of an instrument.
  2. musebook wav2midi produces MIDI files emulating the input Wave files.
    - Pitch Bend : support smooth pitch transition in +/-12 semitones range
    - Volume Change : support Volume Expression and Channel Volume.
    - Brightness : change in the timbre of MIDI sound.
    - Smart Onset Detection by volume and/or note transition.
    - Great Time Resolution per 11 msec.

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