Features are following:
  • Easy to use : Automatic conversion without need of complex setting
  • Multiple file conversion : File conversion is done in sequence on Converting List automatically. Possible to apply different MIDI effect (Change Instrument, etc) on respective file.
  • Wave File Format : 44.1KHz 16bit mono(not stereo) wave file contains monophonic sound (not polyphonic). Wave file with echo or reverb effect may result in error in detection.
  • Wave File Normalizing : Wave file of sound inaudible to human ear is processed by boosting and normalizing its volume
  • Pitch Bandwidth : A0 ~ C8 (Piano 88 keys, 26 Hz ~ 4,500 Hz)
  • Time resolution : Approximate 0.01 sec (11 msec)
  • Note detection :
    - 11 ~ 22 msec for high pitches above A4
    - 22 ~ 44 msec for middle pitches among A2 ~ A4
    - 44 ~ 88 msec for low pitches below A2
  • Onset Detection : Smart Onset Detection and MIDI note division by 3 stages (using strong volume attack, volume change, timbre transition by consonant, note change, and etc.)
  • MIDI Effects : Supports Pitch Bend, Volume Expression and Brightness
  • MIDI Instruments : 128 MIDI instruments selectable (may vary depends on your MIDI device)

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